Presonus AudioBox USB 2x2 or TASCAM US-200

Which of the two is a better match with Audacity? Pros and Cons?
Thanks in advance for any/all help.


I’m using XP on my Dell pc that I use only for recording.

The appear to be the same box. Google “complaints”.

Audacity doesn’t manage MIDI, so that part isn’t going to do anything.


OK, thanks. Don’t know what is “google” complaints.
I did find that either box will work with Audacity just fine. I was hoping to get some feedback from forum members that have use either box.

If there’s no hits by now, then no.

Google: [TASCAM US-200 Complaints]

– Hit #1
“I bought the Tascam US-200 and it caught fire the second day I had it and burned my entire neighborhood down. The smoke caused an EPA Alert, three miscarriages and notified the National Guard. I would not recommend this to a friend.”

(That’s fake.)

It’s always good to read those before you lay down the bux. Ignore all the reviews that claim the unit is the best thing since sprinkles on ice cream cones. Many of those are just shills. One of the business magazines claimed between 20% and 30% of glowing reviews are fake.

The complaints, however…