presets of the VST

Bonjour. Je voudrais savoir dans quel dossier on doit stocker les presets (de VST) au format .xml. Faut-il renommer le preset d’usine qu’on a édité avant de cliquer sur “Sauvegarder”?
D’avance merci pour ces renseignements.
Hello. I would want to know in what file we have to store presets (of VST) in the .xml. size. It is necessary to rename the preset of factory which we published before clicking “Sauvegarder”?
Beforehand thank you for this information.

By default, the presets are saved in your Audacity folder for application data: .

If you are on Windows there is no need to add the XML extension to the file. If you type the name of the preset in the effect, the XML extension will be added for you. If you force the extension to other than XML in the Windows file save dialogue or change the extension afterwards, you will not be able to open the preset.

I do not speak French. Please translate the answer to French for your fellow users.


Merci pour votre réponse. Il y a un problème avec certains des VST que j’ai installé dans Audacity(Mdsp@Smartelectronix:Fire , Magnus@Smartelectron:xAmbience, Tal-Togu Audio Line: TAL-DUBII). Quand je crée un preset dans le dossier UtilisateurAppDataRoamingAudacityAmbience par exemple, un fichier au format .xml est créé. Mais le problème est que ce fichier est corrompu. Il y a des erreurs de codage. J’utilise Audacity 2.0.5 sous Windows Vista 64 bits. Que pensez-vous de ce problème?

Thank you for your answer. There is a problem with some of the VST which I installed in Audacity (Mdsp@Smartelectronix:Fire, Magnus@Smartelectron:xAmbience, Tal-Togu Audio Line: TAL-DUBII). When I create a preset in the file UtilisateurAppDataRoamingAudacityAmbience for example, a file in the .xml size(format) is created. But the problem is that this file is corrupted. There are errors of coding. I use Audacity 2.0.5 under Windows Vista 64 bits.
What do you think of this problem?


Sorry for english!

I only looked at Ambience, but if the XML files saved by the other plug-ins have the same structure with a “Chunk” that is not human-readable, the problem is that the effects are writing presets in .FXP or .FXB format. Audacity does not support that format. The Ambience presets are being written and read correctly in FXP/FXB format in Wavosaur.

Unfortunately, converting an FXP preset created in Wavosaur to the XML structure that Audacity accepts does not allow Ambience to read that preset.

Given Audacity can read the presets shipped (compiled into) the DLL makes me wonder if Audacity should be able to make Ambience read the saved presets correctly in some way.

I’ll see if I can get any ideas from a developer about what could be done, but meantime probably you should just store useful presets in a file and apply them by hand.


Audacity 2.0.6-alpha now has FXP preset support, so please test the plug-ins that gave you trouble.

Use the build from the top of this list: .

Hopefully the next 2.0.6 release (non-alpha) will have this FXP support too.

FXB is not supported yet.