preserve section labels when cut&pasting or merging projects

Say I have 2 projects, both with section labels. Now I want to concatenate the projects, pasting Project-2 on the back of Project-1. How would I do that?

If I select all tracks of Project-2, including the label track, copy then paste onto the end of Project-1, the audio gets appended but not Project-2’s labels.

Similarly, if I copy just a section of Project-2 and paste it in the middle of Project-1, the labels from Project-2 aren’t transferred. Worse, I was expecting the labels from Project-1 to slide over to make room, but instead they stay at the same times making the ones after the paste location no longer relevant.

I’m guessing section labels are really associated with project track times, not the audio, so they don’t move between projects or slide around when pasting new audio. If I could just concatenate the 2 projects, though, that would be fine.

Thanks for any advice on this…Lyle

It can be done, but it’s a little bit tricky.

For this to work correctly, you need to select the same number and same type of track(s) in the “paste to” project as the “copy from” project.
Mono audio tracks can only be pasted into mono audio tracks, stereo into stereo and label into label.

Let’s say that (for example) each project has one stereo audio track and one label track.
“Project 1” will be the first part of the concatenated project.
“Project 2” will be the second part of the concatenated project.

Select all of project 2 (Ctrl+A). Both the audio and label tracks must be selected.
Edit menu > Copy (Ctrl+C)

Select all of project 1 (Ctrl+A). Both the audio and label tracks must be selected.
Move the cursor position to the end of the project - press the “End” key.
Edit menu > Paste (Ctrl+V).