Somehow I lost all my preferences when I cancelled the startup of Audacity too soon: they then ceased to be remembered. Restarting the computer didn’t fix it.
I had an Audacity keys.xml file lying about so I restored by keyboard bindings. But that’s not a complete solution.

How can I backup all of my preferences? Is there a convenient way in the menus or must I hunt for a file and copy it.

Also: it seems that reimportation of my keyboard changes did not cause them to persist after a restart of the application!

Please read the Manual to see where the audacity.cfg settings file is: .

You can make a copy of audacity.cfg using Explorer if you name the .cfg file backup to some other name.

If you need to restore the .cfg file, quit Audacity first then name the backup you want to use as audacity.cfg.

Yes that is mentioned in the Release Notes but it is fixed now in the NIghtly Builds.