I have Windows XP. I installed the Setup Wizard, selected English, then went to File, Preferences. Under Playback device, I choose Realtek HD audio output, as instructed. Next, under Recording device, your supposed to put “USB Audio Device”. My only options were Realtek HD audio input or Microsoft sound mapper input. Now what do I -------- frustrated in Chatt.

We came in in the middle of the movie. Do you have a USB microphone or other device?

Plug it in, let Windows chew on it for a bit and then start Audacity.


I have the same problem, Did you not receive a solution yet?

Yes he did - see the previous post. How did you manage to see the question but not the reply?

Oops,thanks Steve, perhaps the software should come with glasses and maybe hearing assistance, for us more senior members? :slight_smile: My rusty old laptop also tells me, that when I plug in my Cassette deck, it does not recognise this USB device? Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

That’s a problem that you need to fix before you can do anything else. Obviously Audacity can not record from it if your computer does not recognise it.
Try rebooting your computer, then attach the cassette player to a different USB socket and wait a minute. Does Windows recognise it?
Which version of Windows do you have?