Preferences window missing (3.2.4, MacOS 12.3)

When I select “Preferences”, no window appears. It acts like there’s a popop window, but no preferences popup window appears. (Note: I do successfully get OTHER popups, e.g. when restarting Audacity I get a popup asking about recovery options)

But also no inputs are possible. i.e. Almost all menu options become greyed out, the main Audacity window doesn’t accept any controls, and any keystrokes produce beep noises.

I have only one screen on my Macbook Pro laptop. So it’s not the case that the preferences window is appearing on some other screen (or workspace).

It’s also not the case that the Preferences window is just underneath or behind other windows.
Even with a clear desktop, and no other applications running, and expaning the desktopview… etc., no other window except the main Audacity window is find-able after “Preferences” has been selected.

Please advise. Thanks.

I’m running Audacity 3.2.4 on Mac OS 12.3.

Fix was two-fold. Not sure if both steps are necessary but both were sufficient for me:

  1. Upgrade MacOS to 12.6
  2. In Audacity, select Tools > Reset Configuration

After that, Preferences window appears properly.