Preferences will not save

I am trying to enable “rescan VST effects every time Audacity is restarted” and it will not save my changes. This is extremely upsetting as I am beginning to become angry at how difficult it is to use a guitar effects plugin.

Why do you think the rescan is not occurring. What VST effect (exact name and link to the download page) are you trying to use? If the effect is supposed to run in real time while you are recording, Audacity does not support that yet.


i couldnt find the download page but it was FA36_FULL.dll (freeamp 3). the button i checked simply became unchecked every time i restarted audacity. i was planning to use a “virtual computer cable” to record, by the way.

You can run certain aspects of Freeamp 3 on existing audio in Audacity as long as you are not playing, recorded or paused. (I just tried Freeamp 3). As I said, you cannot run effects on audio while you are recording (unless you run the effect in another host that can send the processed audio to Audacity).

The checkbox “Rescan VST effects next time Audacity is started” is designed to uncheck itself so that each launch of Audacity is not slowed up by rescanning for effects when no new effects have been added. Do you want to vote for an option to always scan on launch? Audacity used to do that (without giving you a choice) and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to always scan as an option.