Preferences is greyed out

Hi, I have a Mac OSX 10.6 intel. I’m trying to export a file in the correct format for another piece of software (Pencil-Animation, which doesn’t tell you which format it likes!) and I keep getting told it needs to be properly configured in the prefs - library. However, preferences is always greyed out so I cannot do this.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Are you using Audacity 1.2? Audacity > About.

I see what the problem is. I tried playing the on-line tutorial and the presenter tells us he "got the song from

That’s it. No other information.

So what you should do is download one of the free tunes from there, open it in QuickTime Player and Command-I Info Panel. That should tell you what kind of sound file it is.

You can’t wild guess at it. You can make one or two educated guesses, but you’d be there forever.


You don’t tell us which version of Audacity you are running. If it is 1.2.x, upgrade to 1.3.12 - 1.2.x does not play well with OS X 10.6.

When Audacity > Preferences is greyed out that usually means you are in Pause mode instead of Stop mode.

– Bill

Hi everyone
It’s 1.3.12

Hi again
I forgot to say thanks - I’ll have a play around and see what happens.