Preferences Does NOT Show My Device?

I just bought a new Cassette Tape (Player) to MP3 converter to convert my old audio tapes to MP3 via Audacity (came with the player) but when I go to Edit-Preferences-Devices I do not see the USB Audio device (the tape player)?
Is there any way I could edit a config or registry file to manually include this cassette player?

I have used the microphone output (to do this manually) many times before, but each time I get a horrible sound which is not acceptable and is very distorted! That’s why I bought this new device but now I only see
1-Microsoft Sound Mapper (Input) and
2-USB Microphone and
3-RealTek Microphone and that’s it. No USB Audio Device!?

I hope my question is clear.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks a lot!

So what is the “USB Microphone”?

If you connected the cassette player after launching Audacity, try Transport > Rescan Audio Devices in the menu bar at the top of Audacity.

If you don’t see Rescan Audio Devices, update to Audacity 2.0.6 from (see the pink panel at the top of this page).


Thanks for the info. I am sorry I forgot to mention “Recording” section under Edit-Preferences-Devices.

The Recording Device: lists 3 items
1-Microsoft Sound Mapper - Input
2-Microphone Array (USB PnP Audio
3-Microphone (RealTek High Defini

I’m Using Audacity Version 2.0.3
MS Windows 7 home prem. ver.

Hey Thank you for your reply. :slight_smile:
I went to Transport and Rescan and found out that the Microphone Array (USB PnP Audio) is indeed my new Tape device! :slight_smile:
Thanks very much for your help.
Now I got to find out why there is no sound?..Oh well I will have fun learning :wink:

Oh a few weeks ago, I downloaded Audacity from your site and I believe it was a .exe file.
Today it was on the CD that came with my Tape device and it is also in an EXE format.

Thanks a lot again for your quick reply and the quick fix.

I’m not sure why it was in your last post, but “” is NOT our web address.
The Audacity home page is:

Set the Output device in Audacity to your computer speakers or headphones, not to the tape player.

If you can’t hear what you are recording, turn on Transport > Software Playthrough in the Audacity menu bar so that it has a tick (checkmark) by it.

Have a read of Recording with USB turntables or USB cassette decks - Audacity Manual.