Preferences Device


I’m trying to transfer my Vinyl collection to my Mac Book Pro via the Audacity Software using a Audio Technica L 120.

When I follow the Audio set up from Audio Technica it advises me to select the recording device option in preferences and select “built in output” but for some reason i’m not getting a drop down option to amend the selection so i’m unable to change the “built in microphone setting” I was wondering if anyone had a solution as my records are not recording in Audacity.

As you can tell i’m new to this…


Start off with this set of instructuions from the Audacity Manual (hardware manufacturers directions for Audacity use are often wrong/misleading):

This workflow should help too:

And since you transferring to Mac I’m guessing Itunes figures in there:


Also, make sure you are using the current 2.1.2 release from or the instructions waxcylinder posted may not make sense.