Precompiled Scripting Build for Windows?

I want to use perl commands to export my audacity files to .wav files with the labels. I would rather not download all the dependencies to compile a scripting build of Audacity. Is there a precompiled scripting build of audacity I could download that would allow me to issue the commands mentioned here: ?

There is not a “scripting build” of Audacity, rather there is no pre-compiled mod-script-pipe.dll which is matched with a particular build made with the same AUDACITY_VERSION_STRING.

So, you have to build Audacity and mod-script-pipe.dll yourself at the same time (as the Manual already says).

I can note your interest in a pre-compiled DLL, though. Are you sure you cannot do what you want with standard Export Multiple and Export Labels commands?


Thanks for such a prompt reply Gale. Thank you. I can do the export through the GUI. But I want to eventually be able to export automatically via script. Can you point me to the latest URL that describes the steps to build with Audacity and mod-script.dll?

To build wxWidgets and Audacity, start from the yellow box at the top of Don’t read below that because the rest of that Wiki page is for Audacity 2.1.1, not our current code.

There is nothing in compile.txt about building modules. To build mod-script-pipe you could do the same as described at except where that says “mod-nyq-bench”, read it as “mod-script-pipe”.

Or if you are only building Audacity and mod-script-pipe once, you could open the “lib-src\mod-script-pipe” folder, double-click “mod-script-pipe.vcxproj”, then build in the same configuration (Release or Debug) in which you built Audacity.