Preamp signal low

I am digitizing LPs and phono is part of stereo system providing both preamp out signal and tape out signals…I understand that preamp signals are cleaner but even with input volume slider set to max (1) the signal is below the max by at least 30%. How should I handle this input or process this data?
For comparison signal from amplifier tape out is near max with a slider setting of 0.4. Is it preferable to process this signal instead of the one from the preamp?

I think I would go with the tape output. I run out of the DAT output, analog signal to DAT recorder, from my Technics SUx902 which is a combined pre/power amp - but I believe the DAT output is fed from the pre-amp not the power amp. With the TT plugged to the phono in of the amp. This gives me good results - and a good signal level to work with.

Your other alternative is to try the maxed-out pre-amp feed into Audacity - and then apply the amplify effect after recording the project.

I would just experiment and do some listening tests (with good loudspeakers or go0d headphones).


You might also convert your timeline to dB. Black arrow on the left > Waveform dB. Then grab the bottom of the timeline and pull down to get good accuracy. You get more numbers as the timeline gets taller.

Percentages work really well in video, but not so much in audio. Show audio should peak in the -3dB to -6dB range. From converting in my head, your preamp levels might be just about right.

To illustrate the problem, you would think that 50% would sound like half sound volume. It’s doesn’t. Half volume to your ears doesn’t happen until about 12%, or -18dB measuring it on a dB scale.

If you have to tell heavy audio people what you did, they’re going to look at you funny if you start to give them percent numbers. You can see their eyes glaze over as they convert to “real” dB values in their head.