Pre-cueing sounds in with recording.

Hello, I am using 2.0.3, and I am relatively new to this. I have learned the basics and know how to record with my USB cord connected to my Numark Mixdeck Quad. The recordings come out clear, but I can here when I pre-cue my next track. I would really like to use Audacity but I just can not find a way over this problem. I have tried RCA cables, but the sound just is not the same. I have followed all the instructions Audacity told me and I am sure many others have this problem. Thank you

Audacity is non-discriminating, it will record whatever is sent to it. If it is not recording what you want it to record (or recording something that you don’t want it to record) look to the signal path.

Nobody is shocked that the USB sound is much better than the RCAs, particularly if you have a laptop and only a Mic-In connection. Those aren’t usually stereo.

So you’re saying that you push the fader all the way to your unused deck to start it and the show can “hear” you cue it up? We assume very low level? Does it happen both directions – with both decks?

Audacity doesn’t apply filters or effects during recording, so whatever it’s doing, is what the Numark is doing.