Pre 2.3.3 Equilization plugin?

Does anyone have it? Apparently mine automatically updated today which I had it set NOT to do. Now I’ve lost some functionality. I’m not an audio engineer. I’m an amateur voice artist and the default settings in the old Equalizer were perfect for my needs. I have no idea how to manually adjust this stuff to get it back to good. Now my audios sound like tinny messes. All in all this looks like a regression to me. I had zero problems with the old plugin and had been using it for a couple of years. Now I can’t get any work finished and while I am amateur, my audios do generate income for me. Now I can’t even post them.

The new “Filter Curve EQ” in Audacity 2.4.1 has the same presets available as the old “Equalization” effect. You will find the presets under the “Manage” button.
More info:

Did it have a name? I don’t know of a default equalization setting. It can either be a plugin or default. It can’t be both. A plugin is a set of corrections you download or get from somewhere else because the default settings and equalizers don’t fit your needs.

So all you ever did was Effect > Equalization > OK?

Did someone install and set up Audacity for you? Do you remember which version of Audacity you were using? It will be hard to trace this back without some point of reference. 2.3.3 is relatively modern.

Last try. Do you have some work before and after equalization? We might be able to work it back from that.