Practical support for stroke victim

I wondered if anyone can help? I would like to use Audacity software to convert audiotapes to MP3 format and I purchased a Tonor Converter, which uses Audacity Software, to do this. Unhappily, I have suffered from a stroke which impairs my ability to understand the complexities of installing and downloading the software to an OS X El Capitan 10.11.5 system. I know there’s a manual and a wiki, those I can access, but my brain simply cannot comprehend what to do. I live in the Birmingham (UK) area. Is there anybody who might be able to offer some assistance? I would be very grateful. Thanks.

Installing Audacity is relatively simple, so there are no doubt many people here that are capable of helping you, but this is a worldwide forum, so the chances of finding someone that lives close enough to come round and help you are extremely slim. A better approach might be to ask around locally for someone that is reasonably competent with Mac computers, show them the installation instructions (which are here: and ask them if they could help you.

I improved the instructions for installing on a Mac for the alpha Manual for the upcomung 2.1.3 release


Note carefully that this unreleased Manual has material in it that does not relate to the released 2.1.2 version - so don’t use it for other Audacity information

The released Manual can be found at: