Powerpoint Presentations needed?

Hi, I have a Powerpoint Presentation for Audacity.

VERY USEFUL, because lecturers and teachers LOVE Powerpoint Presentations!!!

they download that in 2 seconds and their lecture / presentation is sorted!!!

anywhere I can upload the presentation?

I recommend to put it together with screenshots on the main website.

  1. I further recommend to have several different Powerpoint Presentations:
  • Primary / Intermediate School Level
  • High School Level
  • university / Polytech Level
  • Software Developer Level intro
  • Software Developer Level long full version for a 2 hour presentation in a Developer Conference

dont underestimate this…ONE presentation at a BIG Conference…MAJOR IMPACT!!!

i cannot upload the Audacity Powerpoint Presentation here…I tried but it does NOT work…

Thanks for the suggestion. Only images can be uploaded to the forum as attachments due to space constraints. We already have a High School level tutorial in PPT format that “audacitydemo” on the Wiki made:

and unfortunately our space to store many files like this on our Sourceforge account is limited.

I suggest if you have somewhere to store your PPT presentation online that you post the URL (web address) to it. If you don’t have a server you can store it on, please send it to me (at the e-mail address I will PM to you) via http://www.yousendit.com/ or a similar temporary server. Yousendit will give you a URL where your PPT can be downloaded. Probably an idea to e-mail me that URL as well, just in case the yousendit notification does not come through to me. I’ll take a look at your presentation when I get it.