Potential violation of GPL; where to report?


I think I might have come across a website offering a piece of software that is clearly Audacity, but with different colours, and not offered as Open Source, and under a different name.

Where can I report it so that devs can look into this?



Please post the link here, but remove the “http://” part (we don’t want to give them free advertising :wink:)

Of course :wink:

The link I came across yesterday is:


(Yes, that website is ridiculously amateurish…)

Upon investigating, I noticed the video on that page, at:


which clearly showed the Audacity rip-off, with different colours, and named “Apollo Soundstation”.
This video has now been made private, which is unfortunate, because it’ll make investigating harder. I wanted to make a screenshot but was unable to.

This is the channel it was on; it is still up:


I suspect that this “company” makes rip-offs that they then try to sell (although “Apollo Soundstation” is offered for free, albeit not under an Open Source licence).

Many thanks, and good luck!

Thanks for the details.
Yes they deffinitely look like scammers. I’ve seen “appolosoundstation” for sale on ebay for $199 :open_mouth: (and reported it to ebay).

They also have another scam site “avidwaves.com” which is totally laughable (in one part Pro Tools is described as “Coats and Jackets” and Melodyne as “Cardigans & Jumpers”)

They appear to have removed Audacity from their collection of fake goods, at least for now.
Thanks for the report.

My pleasure, thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile: