Potential Glitches

I am running 3.2.4 on Windows 10 and encountered a couple of concerns/glitches.

It doesn’t seem to let me save a track under a folder with the same name. When I enter the desired track name it switches back up to SAVE IN FOLDER…

Upon closing and compacting the app seems to hangup. Windows gives me msg program is not responding and it is greyed out. After several seconds APP comes back and I can close it.

The new double click required to Save Project is disconcerting. One has to slide to sub-drop down and click Save Project again. Clicking Save Project once doesn’t do anything and may result in missing a desired save. Would like to go back to Save Project and SAVE PROJECT AS as separate options which I thought is the normal convention in most apps.

Thanks for a great piece of software that I have used for 12-15 years.

It let me close a project without asking if I wanted changes saved. The changes were superficial, e.g. changing track size.

Just use the shortcut Ctrl + S to save your project - much easier …

Aside: I’ve always wondered why Audacity has never had one if those little diskette icons (like Microsoft has) for saving.