Posting ACX test sample

Hello. Is this the place to post an ACX test sample? I’m new to this forum (and to home recording) so I don’t want to post it in the wrong place. Thanks.

I started a new topic for you. You can attach here and describe what you want help with.

Please see here for how to attach files:


that’s very kind, Gale thank you. I spent most of yesterday carefully reading through a very long post on the topic of passing ACX QA tests, and I followed as much of the excellent advice on there as I could, in an effort not to gratuitously take up anybody’s time on here, but alas even after extensive fiddling the wonderful ACX plugin informs me that I have failed, and so if any kind person more knowledgable than myself would take the time to listen to the sample and tell me what they think I can do about it, I would be very grateful.

the ACX plugin says that RMS is too low and the noise floor is too high. But I have my mic volume to the maximum (but it still won’t reach peak -6db as Koz recommends, it’s nearer -9) and though I have one of those heavily carpeted and draped Victorian rooms, with a wardrobe full of clothes behind me, and a very quiet laptop (Macbook Air), my noise floor is still near around 6 point higher than the 60 that ACX allows.