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Audacity 2.2.3 New,user today. I,have tested mic,it works.I,wanted to play backround music,of mine.I,had to download FFMpeg.It plays,but distorted.Other song too fast. Iam,going to record my voice to backround music. Also,pressing record,says error

Please recheck the version number. There has never been Audacity 2.2.3.

Where did this music come from, and what format is it?
Does it play correctly in Windows Media Player?

verison 2.3.2 Music,does play fine in,media player

I,downloaded from amazon.I,just tried one song.Completly distorted.I,do not know how to change playback settings Tks Pat

Just,got backround to work,great.Haven’t recorded yet.Hope,I remember,what I did LOL