Post Noise removal- Rushing Sound in Vocals

I’m working on a learning project, a simple introduction video for a course on “Camera Confidence”. While recording the video, my space heater created a constant hiss/hum that I have successfully removed from the audio track using audacity, but it seems to have only removed the noise between moments when I am speaking. I now have a “rushing” sound whenever I talk. How can I remove this sound? High Pass, Low Pass, Notch Filter? They seem like the most likely choices, but I dont understand what they do at all. I am very inexperienced at using Audacity or any other audio editing software, so this is all new to me. Windows 10, Latest version of Audacity (just updated today).

Make sure you are using Audacity 2.1.2 from then follow along with this page:


The guide you provided is what I used to get to this point. The hiss of the space heater has already been removed. If there is something in this guide that tells me how to isolate the sound when I am speaking, im not seeing it.

You have to use appropriate settings as described on the page. Noise Reduction should be able to reduce the noise when you are speaking.

If you are still stuck, please post one or two WAV files of the raw audio (not audio you have been processing with effects) - first the noise only, and then noise mixed with your voice. If necessary, use Edit > Undo to get back to your raw audio file import.

Please see How to post an audio sample.