possible turntable

I had to get a new desktop tower back around January. When I installed Audacity, it was the new version, 2.4.2., for Windows 10. Was having problems with it not recording in stereo. For some reason it wants to record through my desktop mike. If I turn the desktop mike off, there’s no recording at all. Never had this problem with my old tower with Windows 10. Version 2.2.1. I tried this version too.
Jademan had me un-install and re-install Audacity 2.4.2. Didn’t solve problem. Had me do several other things to no avail. After about 2 weeks of him helping me (and THANK YOU for your help Jademan) I let the problem go for more important items. Anyway I’m back trying to solve this problem again.

I bought a Beatle stereo record recorded in 1964. Left channel is hardly audible. Right channel is audible but there is no stereo sound. Both channels show identical sound patterns. I went through all my settings and tried a few different ones, nothing helped. More modern stereo records the sound is equal in sound but still in mono. Patterns identical. I checked all my sound drivers and my computer said all are working.

My last shot at this is wondering if it’s the USB turntable itself. It is an Audio-Technica AT-LP60-USB turntable. I purchased it in 2016. Is it possible the turntable is too old to sync up with the newer tower or Audacity version? My tower is a Dell XPS 8940. Toyed with the idea of buying a new turntable but I don’t want to buy a new turntable if it doesn’t fix the problem.

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Right now recording vinyl is a waste of time.


For some reason it wants to record through my desktop mike.

You need to select the USB device as your [u]Recording Device[/u].

Make sure both Windows and Audacity are set-up for stereo. There is some information [u]here[/u].

If both channels are the same it’s probably not the turntable. If one channel was dead it could be the turntable. You can try the analog outputs with your stereo or TV, or with powered computer speakers if you have the correct cables/adapters. If you don’t get proper stereo the turntable is bad. If you do get good analog stereo that doesn’t prove the USB is also good but the odds are that both are OK.

I bought a Beatle stereo record recorded in 1964

If that’s one of those recordings with vocals on one side and the instruments on the other it can be a handy “test record”.

I went in and toggled a few things around, nothing changed. I can’t figure it out. Totally lost. I don’t think it’s the turntable because both channels show equal sound level. You know how levels are slightly different from each other when recording stereo. These are equal, as in mono. Even with that old stereo Beatle album, the levels were equal. And it has the vocals on one side and they are faint. This same record played perfect on my old system. Also, the turntable recorded fine on my old system. Recorded like it was suppose to. I even wrote down all my settings from the old system before I installed audacity on the new system so settings would be the same.

Don’t know what I’ll do. Might just trash-can Audacity and turntable and if I want to record music, get the CD. Thanks for the help, Doug. :confused: