Possible to change volume on voice over audio?

Hello, I had a problem when recording something to where the audio would automatically reduce when I spoke over it (fixed that for future recordings). The problem is that sometimes I guess I didn’t speak loud enough and the audio just drowns out my voice. Is it possible to increase my voice volume over the rest of the audio in any way? Kind of reverse what happened during the recording? I have Windows 7 and Audacity version 2.1.1. Any help if possible would be amazing.

If the voice and the other audio are on separate tracks, you could use:

If the voice and the other audio are on the same Audacity track, or if the project has been mixed down to a normal audio file, then you are pretty well stuck with what you have.

Yea the voice and audio are all one file, looks like I’ll need to rerecord, thanks for your help

We can’t reverse effects and we can’t unmix a mixed performance. That’s why we tell people posting to post a raw sample, not after they corrected it.