Possible bug with the Project Rate text box

I’ve had this issue for years, and it’s related to the text input box in the “Project Rate (Hz)” gadget in the bottom left corner.
I can enter any number with the keyboard except the number 8 and 9. However, it works as it should if I use the number keys on the numpad instead.

I’m on Windows 10 Pro x64, and I use Audacity 2.4.1. I use a Norwegian keyboard layout (desktop keyboard), but there shouldn’t really be any differences for non-modified number keys in that layout in comparison to the US layout.

I cannot reproduce this - it works for me on W10 with 2…4.1 and the latest 2.4.2 alpha test build that I have.


So maybe it’s related to the Norwegian keyboard layout then… This is weird, as there should be no differences in how the 8 and 9 key (without shift modifier) are handled in the OS. I have not had this issue in any other program.