Possible bug: playback at 0.1x sounds same as 0.01x

Audacity 2.0.3 running on Windows Vista.

Just noticed that playback at slower speed seems to have a lower limit of 0.1x :
when 0.01x (one hundredth) is selected it sounds the same speed as 0.1x (one tenth)
one hundredth speed sounds exactly the same as one tenth speed.png

Thanks, Trebor. I agree testing in HEAD on Windows 7 that 0.1x on Play-at Speed is a low as it actually goes. 0.1x Play-at-Speed sounds the same as Time Track at 10% or Change Speed at -90%.

This behaviour changed in 2.0.3 but listening to 0.1x Play-at-Speed in 2.0.2 sounds too low, so it was not correct there. So perhaps not a “regression”.

The Time Track minimum range is also 10%.


I’m sure previous versions of Audacity (pre 2.0) could playback at speeds below 0.1x :
I found using speeds like say 0.02x useful in identifying where glitches were in a waveform.

OK, I already raised it on the -quality list in any case.

Definitely you can go below 0.1x in 2.0.2 (0.08 sounds lower than 0.1) but 0.1x itself in 2.0.2 actually sounds below 0.1x at least on my sound device. That could have been a libresample problem perhaps (2.0.3 onwards uses libsoxr).