possible bug in loading of MetaData for Export?

Dear Audacity Owners –

This is a possible bug in loading of MetaData for Export?

It seems that the MetaData is not loaded correctly after saving a WAV and then reopening it and exporting as MP3.

Here is the use case…

  • Close Audacity.

  • Open Audacity.

  • Open Audacity project.

  • Export as "MyFile.WAV:, in MetaData dialog set AlbumTitle=Fp1-2013-03-12 and TrackNumber=1.

  • Close Audacity.

  • Open Audacity.

  • Open “MyFile.WAV”.

  • Export as “MyFile.MP3”, in MetaData dialog note that all MetaData is the same as when set for the WAV exception AlbumTitle=Fp1-2013-03-02 (which is something different) and TrackNumber=08 (which something different).

  • So that looks like a bug to me, because it happens every time for me.

    I just thought you would want to know.

(I am using Audacity 2.0.3 on Windows 7.)

(This is a minor issue, of course, and Audacity is GREAT as-is anyway.)



– Mark Kamoski

Thanks for making the report, Mark, though it isn’t actually a bug.

Audacity does not support Album Title or Track Number in WAV as per http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/WAV#Metadata so in fact the exported file has no metadata for those fields.

If you import the file after export and Audacity shows metadata for those fields instead of empty fields, that metadata is being read from somewhere else. My guess is that you set AlbumTitle=Fp1-2013-03-02 and TrackNumber=08 as “Default” in the Metadata Editor. Those values will then show when you start a new, empty project or import a file that has no metadata (or a file where Album Title and Track Number are empty).

To clear the Default, press “Clear”, “Set Default” then OK.

Note that replacing empty metadata with default values doesn’t actually work for importing MP3’s or most other files that lack metadata - the Metadata Editor will still show no metadata even though a default has been set ( http://bugzilla.audacityteam.org/show_bug.cgi?id=621 ) .