PortAudio + WASAPI how to record from speakers?

Hello everyone I’ve been searching this for some days but it seems difficult for me.
I want to code this kind of program to let it run on Windows (we can perform this easily on Linux I know :smiley:)
Or Could you please suggest me another possible solution?
I intended to use FFPMEG but there was a problem with dshow device (FFMPEG couldn’t find Stereo Mix even though I had updated DirectX, removed current Audio driver and installed Realtek HDA got from realtek.com on my windows 7 home premium)

By the way, I found a topic on PortAudio mailing list, Can you check it a little bit and tell me what I should do in C/C++ language?
I’m sorry I can’t understand it thoroughly. I’m just a newbie to both PortAudio and WASAPI.

Thank you for your help.

If your program is closed source you cannot directly use any Audacity or PortAudio code.

Are you actually a developer or do you just need help with how to record? If so you posted to the wrong board.


Yes it is an open-source one. Sincerely I’m just a beginner in programming. I apologize for not having written carefully basic information.

Do these diffs help:
http://code.google.com/p/audacity/source/detail?r=12233 ?

There is no-one on the Forum skilled at audio I/O programming (no developers regularly read the Forum).

You might also read the MSDN documentation on loopback - it’s a Windows feature that Audacity is using.


Thank you. I’ve just found some useful things on MSDN, too. I will research more on this.
Thanks again