No se porqué, en alguna ocasión, el peso de un mismo trabajo se hace insoportablemente grande. Me explico, llevo años grabando un podcast de aproximadamente dos horas, normalmente el archivo maestro al que incorporo dos pistas estéreo y una mono, suele pesar alrededor de 4 o 4,5 Gb, pero en ocasiones, como hoy, el peso se dispara y se duplica sin saber porqué. Supongo que tiene que ver con la copia de seguridad simultánea que hace Audacity, pero es que estoy bloqueado, no puedo terminar el trabajo porque cada proceso es una eternidad. ¿Solo me pasa a mí?
Estoy usando la versión 3.2.3 sobre un powerbook con versión SO 10.14.16

Estoy bloqueado, no hay forma de hacer nada, el sistema se satura y es imposible hacer funcionar la edición.

I don’t know why, on occasion, the weight of the same job becomes unbearably great. Let me explain, I’ve been recording a podcast of approximately two hours for years, normally the master file, which includes two stereo tracks and one mono track, usually weighs around 4 or 4.5 Gb, but sometimes, like today, the weight skyrockets and it doubles without knowing why. I guess it has to do with the concurrent backup that Audacity does, but I’m stuck, I can’t finish the job because each process takes forever. Does it only happen to me?
I am using version 3.2.3 on a powerbook with OS version 10.14.16

Maybe this issue: https://github.com/audacity/audacity/issues/3820

I find it hard to understand, I see that the subject is complex.

It’s hard to understand, I see that the issue is complex, but I think I know what I’m talking about, I was using a multitude of partitions, imported fragments of clips, in some cases, very long. If I understand correctly, the import transfers all the weight of the source clip, how can I solve this and that the file does not increase in the compaction? With the J command all the portions are merged into one and the weight of the file decreases considerably. Is this the solution? I don’t know, because the editing is still slowed down.

Thnks a lot Steve

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