Pops in CD

I thought I posted this earlier today but can find no trace of it–apologies if that’s a newbie mistake and I’m repeating myself.

I made an Audio CD of songs edited with Audacity (wav files exported from Audacity) using Cyberlink Power2go, the program that comes with my new HP laptop. At the very beginning of each song there is an electronic pop or screech.

I have created CDs from Audacity projects/files before with no issue, using the Roxio prgram on my old laptop.

I have no idea if the Roxio/Cyberlink difference is the issue or if I have done something to the beginning of each Adacity file to create this effect. The songs all fade in using the envelope tool and all are multi-track efforts, reduced down to mono.

I would appreciate any insights–I will try re-doing with Roxio on another PC, but I suspect that isn’t the main issue.



I have a free Music CD recording/authoring program that refuses to manage mono sound files. What happens if you produce two or three short sound segments in 44100, 16-bit, Stereo, Export As WAV and try to make a Music CD from those?


CDBurnerXP is an excellent free CD/DVD burning program for Windows (XP and Vista).

I’ll look into it, thanks! I did reburn using Roxio and didn’t hear the pops, so perhaps the power2go program is the culprit. I’ll check into CDBurner XP.