Popping sound on all my recordings

I’m using 10.9.5 OS X with a firewire duet and a ribbon mic running thru a tube pre amp . The recording’s all have poppy crackly sounds. Tried different sample and bit rates . All my levels are in the green or below 0db on the pre amp. Any help would be greatly appreciated .

Are you using the line-in on the Duet?

Have you tried another mic?

Which mic and preamp are you using exactly?

And, perhaps, which Audacity version are you using?

Yes i’m using the line in and it’s set to 4db to match the output of the pre amp. I have not tried another mic a don’t have one but i have used the mic on other DAW’s without any problems. I’m using a art MPA 2 preamp with a royer sf-12 on Audacity 2.1.2 . thanks

Try How can I prevent clicky recordings on Mac OS X?. But that is working content for the next Audacity 2.1.3 Manual, so don’t read any other content there.