POP heard on first playback [SOLVED]

I’m getting a “pop” sound almost every time I start playback anywhere in my track.
I think this started after I upgraded to v2.3.2, but alas, I ALSO did the major Windows 10 upgrade at about the same time.
I’m hoping I just have a setting wrong, it has never done this before.
I’ve tried changing between MME, WIndows Direct, Windows WASPI and also…
Well, I just fixed it as I type.
I noticed that “Spatial Sound (Windows Sonic for Headphones)” was turned on in the sound settings (right-click on Windows sound icon, bottom-right on the taskbar). I turned it OFF and it solved the issue. I’m guessing the update turned it on or added it as it’s never been a problem before.
I decided to go ahead and post this in case anyone else has the issue. :smiley:

Thanks for posting the solution. Topic marked as “solved”.