Poor sound when exporting

I have sometimes used the program to make seamless, or more or less seamless, loops. I follow some instructions I found on a web-site. I slice a sound file in two, move the second part to another track by using “split new,” move the second part to the left and the first to the right, and then make a fade out on the second and a fade in on the first track. Then finally I export the whole thing to a wav file. However, what I have discovered is that when I do this, the quality of the original sound becomes much poorer. Something is lost, and the exported sound sounds more synthetic or metallic than the original.

On the other hand, if I just export the sound without doing the above procedure, the sound is okay.



Then finally I export the whole thing to a wav file.

Really? Not another MP3 file? Metalic, bubbling, honking is the result of mp3-ing another MP3.

I guess you could get that if you picked a really bad WAV format, but if you stuck to 44100, 16-bit, Stereo (music CD format) then the new show should sound identical to the timeline.

But why only if you produce a loop…?

Where did the original work come from?


If you load the show with the crossfade and then Tracks > Mix And Render, do you get your bad sound without the export?