Poor Sound Quality

I have a stand alone Record player I use to play vinyl records. It has a RCS output. I have a RCO to USB cable ind I recorded using that but sound is horrible. Does not sound at all like the record player. Do I need some other equipment or is there another problem.

Can you describe what’s wrong with the sound? (Or, you can [u]upload/attach a short sample[/u].)

Do you have a phono preamp, or an older stereo with a phono-preamp built-in?

If your stereo has ‘Tape Out’ or ‘Record Out’, that’s a perfect connection for the RCA line inputs on the USB device/cable.

Do you have a stereo with and ‘Aux’ or ‘Tape’ input to plug-into so you can check the sound quality coming out of those RCA jacks? Or, you can use the audio/video inputs into your TV. (If that’s not already how you normally use it.)

…Without a preamp, the output from the phono cartridge will be weak and strongly “tilted” toward treble with no bass. (Or, an older turntable with a ceramic cartridge into a “medium” impedance may have a strong-enough signal, but still somewhat tilted toward treble.)

  1. Sound very tiny, both vocal and music. if need be I will send you a file but it sounds nothing like what I am hearing on the player.
  2. Older record player with its own amp. all in one unit.
    3.it has a out rca jack but not labeled.4. I will attempt to connect to my TV. When the RCA jack is plugged in to the player I still hear the sound on the player

I would say that what your describing as tilted toward treble with no bass explains it. Is there anything I can do?

Any Further respose or possible solutions?

You need to give us better information.
What is RCO?
What is RCS?
What is “a RCO to USB cable ind”?
“Sound very tiny,” do you mean “tinny” (thin metallic sound) rather than “tiny” (small).

My guess is that there is no phono pre-amp in the setup, so no RIAA equalization.