Poor sound quality when recording through mixer

I have a podcast setup where i’m recording through a Yamaha MG102C mixer which is connected to my computer through an Akai eie audio interface. Whenever i have my mic plugged into the Akai interface directly the sound quality is fine but whenever i do the setup through the mixer the audio quality takes a steep drop and comes through lower and very fuzzy, Ive checked the audio levels and the gain but i don’t know why the quality is this bad, could it be that i have the mixer connected to the interface using a Hosa CMP159 Stereo Breakout is that the best connection method for this type of setup? or is there something else i may be doing wrong?

I’m new to the recording world in general so any help would be much appreciated !

We’ve run into this puppy before. I don’t know that there was ever a good resolution.