poor sound quality recording & after recording

Hello to all
this is my first post to the forum. I hope someone can answer it.
My OS is win7, My USB Turntable came with a cd so I installed Audicity from there but up dated it online to version 2.
I recently purchased a Tevion USB Turntable to copy all my Albums onto my PC. It uses a standard USB cable to connect to PC.
When I play records via an audio system using the RCA red and white cable the sound is as it should be, of good album quality.
When I connect the USB from turntable to PC and play a record the sound is quite distorted and not like the quality I was getting from audio system.
When I record the music and listen to playback its still the same poor sound.
I played recording in mp3 and wav and still the same.
This is just out of the box
If anyone could help me get a good quality sound if would be very much appreciated


Does Audacity look anything like that when you’re recording?


Grab the right edge of the meters and pull to the right to make them bigger. They may become important for testing.

Post a sample of the distorted audio.


You should probably look to see if you’re recording from the USB connection.
Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Devices > Recording > Device.


When I play records via an audio system using the RCA red and white cable the sound is as it should be, of good album quality.

If you have a desktop computer, with the appropriate cable/adapter you can connect the turntable’s line-output (RCA connectors) to your soundcard’s line-in (usually color coded blue) and record using your regular soundcard instead of the turntable’s built-in USB soundcard. (Most laptops don’t have line-in.)

That should not be necessary, but it’s an option if you have a soundcard with line-in…


Blue is Stereo Line-In many times.


Hey Koz and dvddoug
we got sorted.
I was recording from the usb cable connection but I think this is a poor way to transfer the music.
I connected to PC via RCA cables as you suggested as I had an adaptor and changed a setting or 2 on input and output and it worked.
I saved then in several formats and then played back and sound is crisp.
So many thanx to the 3 replies



Glad you got it sorted – although it’s supposed to work the reverse. Most computer sound cards have noisy sound and the USB system should sound much better. You might look and see if there is a volume control somewhere on the turntable and if that affects your distortion.

Or not, if you’re happy. We never lose an opportunity to cast seeds of doubt along your path.