poor sound and quality with win 10 (current Audacity)

my older logitech microphone and audacity worked great with win 7 now, with a new PowerSpec B747 and win 10 one of the many struggles with windows is a low volume and poor sound quality recording in Audacity.

I see some discussion about this, I’m not the only one, some discuss the problem being microphones with usb 2.0, in computers with usb 3.0?

I’ve run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, shows no problems

I have an older microphone, 3.5, could purchase an adapter, it that would work

I tried to insert an image of the USB controllers, in case it is needed but, selecting “image” does not open a window to select an image

Thank you

There are controls within Windows to boost microphone levels …
windows (8) microphone, properties, levels.png