Poor recording using a USB PnP device with win11


I have been using Audacity with a USB PnP device from my cassette player to laptop for years to convert my cassettes to digital format. I have used Win 7 and 10 with no issues. Yesterday I had to get a new laptop with Win 11 and after I installed and tweaked Audacity to do a conversion the results were not what I expected. The audio on the cassettes are of music, and what heard on the recorded playback was only the vocals of the song no music. I changed the player and also the method of input (rca and headphone jack) to no avail. What am I doing wrong or is there something I am missing, you input is appreciated.


If you are using this product with Windows 11, you will need to disable the noise suppression on the mic or else any music or background sounds will suppressed and you will only have vocals. Attached is how to disable the noise suppression.

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