Poor recording sound

When I play back what I just recorded it sounds like it was recorded in a tin can? Help!!

Can we assume you weren’t actually recording in a tin can? You never said how you were recording, so that kind of leaves it open.

You’re on a Windows machine, right? Problems like this can come from having too many Sound Control Panel things open during the capture. Windows machines will cheerfully record both the capture and a split second later, the system playback. That split second can sound like talking down a long tunnel. Don’t you have a “Mixed Sound Output” setting or something like that? That should be off.

An actual Windows person should drop in here and tell you more specifics.


Ok - More info would help wouldnt it. First off, I am trying to record my original material (which is on cassette)to the computer so i can then burn to cd therfore entering the digital age.I have a fostex analog 8 track recorder.

All this digital stuff is new to me. I find that my voice comes through fairly clear but the acoustic and keys come over with that tin sound. Again, I am a newbie so be gentle.


I admit it was all I could do to avoid posting a riff on your post. "I"m not recording in a tin can, I’m recording in a cereal box and the sound is just all wrong.

You will become very familiar with the Windows Sound Control Panels which controls this stuff. Unfortunately, you won’t get that way from me unless you’re using Windows 2000. I know how to run that one and even then I get burned. I’m slowly becoming a Mac shop. So much easier to deal with.

In very generic, fluffy terms, you’re recording the machine’s playback and record data streams at the same time and I don’t know how to stop it. A variation of this process lets you record internet radio shows by providing reversible audio pathways.

I’m going to cast you off at the mercy of the two Windows gurus. if they’re around.


Koz [slowly fading into the mist…]

Thanks for the info. Technically i do understand what you are saying. I will have to go forth and prosper as best I can.

I found a wiki on how to run the Windows sound panels.