poor quality second track in over dub

Hi, I’ve been using audacity for years but here’s something i just cant figure out

When i record first track using my microsoft lap top with the audacity 2.0.1, it comes out sounding great and clean

HOWEVER, when i record the second track (with headphones and Only overdub toggled on), it comes out in very poor quality, as if it is recording a cell phone conversation, it just sounds like a low quality mp3 file.

When i toggle overdub off, I can record the second track with just as good quality as the first one, but I want to record multiple tracks and need to hear the previous ones. Any help?

What’s the show? Are you singing?

Are you performing into a microphone and which one? How is it connected and to what computer?

Do you have Playthrough selected?


One more. Do you have Just the Microphone selected in the Device Toolbar? You should be using a real touchable device like Mic-In and not one of the software Made-Up devices like Stereo Mix.



I’m singing into the microphone to make multiple tracks, I’m using a computer microphone that is plugged into my laptop (HP G56) via microphone jack. Play through is off , overdub is the only thing on and this is what my device tool bar looks like

MME Microsoft soundmapper Microphone (realtek) and 2 (streo)input

Check that all Windows recording “Enhancements” are turned off: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/FAQ:Recording_-_Troubleshooting#enhancements