poor quality of burn to cd

Windows 7 and Audacity used to record tape cassette music to computer. Sound of the saved file is ok BUT when burnt to an audio cd there is a great ‘wobble’ as if the tape was malfunctioning. Why should this be, as the file being burnt seems a good recording with very minimal wow or flutter and it is this that I am burning.
Can anyone help please.

Sound of the saved file is ok

How do you know that? Did you play it in Windows Media or other music player?

when burnt to an audio cd

How exactly?

record tape cassette music to computer.

That’s the step that usually causes problems on a Windows machine. If you used the Mic-In on your laptop and didn’t turn off Windows Enhanced Services, a music transfer can become very seriously damaged.


The downloaded music from cassette sounds quite clear when it is played back (iTunes) on the computer it was recorded to.
Burn was through the i tunes link and the new cd created gives unacceptably wobbly sound. I don’t know where the distortion occurred as I was burning a cd with the saved music from the computer.


I can’t imagine how the system could do that. Did you export the music as MP3 or WAV?

Music on a CD is in WAV format and if you captured the work and saved it as MP3,them the computer would have to do double compression to convert it for the CD. But that shouldn’t cause serious damage unless you did something extreme in the middle.

Does the CD still sound wobbly in your car?


This was done with WAV

Sounds like your CD player is broken.