Poor quality audio

I installed Audacity for the first time today and recorded a one hour SKYPE audio conversation with five participants. The main speaker was VERY difficult to hear when I play it back while my conversations were very clear. Did I use the wrong settings? Is there any way I can remedy/improve the other person who is almost unintelligible due to weakness in volume/some background noise so I can actually listen to it again. I believe it was recorded on stereo setting.


You were recording your voice and the Skype error leakage from everyone else. It’s a common problem. Skype is very difficult to record. This is where I would point you to any one of a number of Skype recording programs… for Windows. For Mac I would be Googling just like you. I do it with two Macs. I assume that doesn’t interest you.


Thank you for the quick response. I run windows with VM ware on my Mac so I can go either way with SKYPE. Does that mean there is no way to salvage this conversation today ? I was reading somewhere I think that if you recorded in stereo you might be able to separate out the two sources of audio . . . Maybe I misunderstood that information
Thank you

I believe Skype is usually mono, so all you did was create two identical copies of the same show. There is no recovering a voice hiding between left and right differences

This is the money-based, commercial product. It will produce WAV files and split Near and Far between Left and Right so you can edit each independently later. Remember, Audacity doesn’t directly edit MP3. So every time you try, the MP3 compression sound damage goes up.

There are other free Skype recorders:


The only known free solution for Skype recording on Mac that is believed to work is to do it with Soundflower and any recording application (such as Audacity or GarageBand) that can see Soundflower: http://www.macswitched.com/2011/02/recording-skype-sessions-using-free.html .

Feedback is very welcome if those steps work or don’t for you.