Poor quality and editing wont fix

Hi All,

I am having some trouble with the editing of audio. I have attached a segment of the audio in question below.
The sound is slightly muffled and has the ‘strange’ signal noise in the background.
I have tried to compress, eq, Noise.R, etc. but it won’t sharpen or become clear.

Culd anyone offer advice or show how this can be improved.

Thank you very much
Muffled Track.aup (2.04 KB)

AUP is a computer program, not a sound file. To create a sound file, select 10 seconds of stereo (two blue waves) or 20 seconds of mono and Export > WAV (Microsoft), 16-bit. Do not put dates or punctuation marks in the filename.

Send that.

trouble with the editing of audio.

Don’t be fuzzy. We do much better with concrete actions.

“I’m recording my voice with a Blue Yeti microphone.”