polishing sharps and flats

I am using a Mac running OS 10.13.4. and Audacity 2.1.3. I’m a newbie at Audacity, and most of what it can do, I haven’t learned yet. I am getting ready to record a bunch of songs that I wrote, using Sibelius as accompaniment. So, I’ll import the Sibelius accompaniment, and then record my voice on another track. My question is: With all its editing capabilities, can Audacity correct the pitch where I might go slightly sharp or flat? If I hit a high note a quartertone too low, can I go to the waveform and pull up that note slightly? Thanks! Tom n Texas

There are free pitch-correction plugins that work in Audacity.
One I’ve used on Windows which is also available for Mac, is Graillon …
[ NB: Audacity only accepts 32-bit plugins, even if your operating system is 64bit ]
The Pitch-correction part of Graillon works for free, (other controls on the plugin are locked until you pay, but you don’t need those: they are to add weird computery effects).

The pitch-correction on Graillon can be set to transparent, the rather than the conspicuous robotic (“Cher”/“T-Pain”) effect.