PodcastQ: How to get Aud. to rec from 2 inputs (mic + Skype)

To cut to the chase, I simply want Audacity to record a Skype conversation I have.

Here’s the problem, though > I can only get it to recognize ONE audio input source. So EITHER I can get it to record what I’m speaking into my external mic (in which case, the interview subject’s words are not getting recorded), OR I can get it to record the sound coming out of my computer’s speakers (in which case my WORDS are not getting recorded!)

I spent all day fiddling with the “mic input” settings in both Skype and Audacity, with no success. Alternatively, if there is a completely different audio program that will help me accomplish the above, I’m all ears!

(oh, and I have the dreaded Realtek HD soundcard (https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/audacity-wont-work-with-realtek-hd-card/4248/1 discussed in that thread, if that makes a difference)

If you’re on a Windows machine, you can use Pamela Professional, Pamela Business, or Total Recorder.


The two low-end Pamela versions are intentionally crippled.

Skype viciously takes control of your sound services while it’s working, so all of the usual suspect tricks fail.

You can play the far end into a speaker and place a microphone on the table half-way between the speaker and you. That will give you the whole conversation on one file which is awkward if you need to filter and process only one side. The two Pamelas give you one voice on left and the other voice on right of a stereo show.