I’ve been wanting to do a podcast for a long time. Anywhere I find on the internet, Audacity is the program to use. There is only one problem. I want to have a podcast with another person. We would not be talking in person, though. I would want us to be in a Skype call. So is it possible to record both stereo mix and mic input at the same time in Audacity?

The premiere way to do this is with Pamela Professional or Pamela Business software.


The two lesser versions are intentionally cripple to make you buy the better versions. Pamela will produce a split left and right track so you can filter and apply effects to one voice without affecting the other. It lets you correct volume and noise problems in post production.

You can also try Krystal Audio Engine. I’ve never used it, but it gets high marks.


The broadcast version of this is to record each location with a high quality microphone and recorder. One side calls the other on the phone or Skype and holds the conversation, and when you’re done, one side sends the very high quality recording to the other for melting into the final show. The bubbly, skipping Skype voice isn’t used except for coordination. I did one of these for NPR about a year ago.


is it possible to record both stereo mix and mic input at the same time in Audacity?

There’s no good way to record both sides of a Skype call in Audacity without screwing up either the voices or Skype.


One more. Total Recorder can do that as well.

We used to recommend FreeCorder, but they started to mess with the software and include non-desirable features.


Thanks. I will look into all of these programs