Podcasting with Behringer U-Phoria UMC404

Hi everyone,

I’ve just acquired a new Behringer U-Phoria UMC404 (Audio interface) for podcasting and now trying to work it out with Audacity V2.1.0 (.exe) running on Windows 8.

The driver was installed successfuly.
I’ve connected 2 XLR mics to the UMC404 and connected it’s USB output to my laptop. Also connected headphones to hear the UMC404 output.
I’ve opened Audacity and defined the recording device as: Audio Host - MME, Recording device - Line (BEHRINGER UMC404 192K), Recording channels - 1 (Mono), Playback device - Speakers (BEHRINGER UMC404 192K).

The problem:
When I use the 2 mic’s I can hear them properly. But when recording my voice using them - I can hear only the 1st mic in the recording.
Anyone have an idea why?



Recording channels - 1 (Mono)

Chances are good that setting will ignore the right channel or second microphone. The UMC404 isn’t a mixer. You can’t assign microphones to left, right or mix (that I know of).

What you’re intended to do is record stereo which will give you you on the left and the guest on the right. Then mix down to a mono show in Audacity post production.

Tracks > Stereo Track to Mono.

Audacity will not apply effects or filters during recording in real time.

The only way to do a full on, live mix, is use a full-on, live mixer.

That’s the way I do it (add other microphones as needed).

…and that’s the way the Pando Podcast does it.

That’s dramatic overkill. Only one of those computers is recording the podcast (far left). I think one of them has “Angry Birds” on it. I think they happened to have a mixer that big so they used it. I could almost shoot their show with my tiny mixer, but it would be tight and not as fancy.

So that’s what happened.