Podcasting vs Audiobook Thoughts?

I initially undertook Audacity to create an audio version of a paperback book that I have published. It does not appear that I will be able to create a version that will pass muster with ACX requirements. I am now considering just recording the book and uploading the chapters in a podcast format.

Any thoughts on ditching the creation of an audio and pushing it out via a podcast?

Major considerations are primarily investment. While I have set up a home recording studio with USB microphone, which produces decent podcast quality for the ones I have posted, the added expense of upgrading the mic, other equipment, and paying someone to professionally edit the audio book seems excessive for the very little return IF anyone actually buys the audio book. Thank you for your consideration and input.

pass muster with ACX requirements.

What failed? Did they reject you, or did you repeatedly fail the Audacity ACX-Check test?

If you self-publish, you only have to satisfy one person. It’s not a race to see how happy you can make ACX.

But even if you do it yourself, you should still qualify for audiobooks as much as possible anyway. Somebody is going to have to listen to this, and you want it to be an enjoyable experience. Low distortion, good volume, chapters matching, etc. ACX didn’t pull these specifications out of thin air. The technical specifications are lifted right out of US Broadcast Proof of Performance.

So. What failed? Can you read out-loud? It’s easy to forget there are two tests. Technical Conformance and then Theatrical.

You may have answered your own question. If both people who bought your book are the only two likely to listen to the audiobook, then there is no return.

I can make this worse. The longest message on the forum is Ian in Hollywood who only wanted to read audiobooks from his apartment. 39 forum chapters and over a year. But he is published.