Podcasting support question

Brand new to Audacity. I’m working on a podcast.

I have the theme music in mp3 format and the actual podcast content saved as audacity project. When I add the theme music in (on a seperate track), it changes my podcast audio to echo sounding (basically just sounds off). Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks.

First recommended practice is File > Export your vocal track as a perfect quality WAV file as backup. If you have more than one track in your show, select the voice track by clicking just above MUTE and File > Export Selected. That’s in case something happens to Audacity during editing, and Audacity Projects aren’t as stable as WAV files.

Then select 10 seconds of stereo voice or 20 seconds of mono. File > Exported Selected and post it here on the forum. Alternately, you can make a short clip for posting.


What kind of microphone do you have and how is it connected?


Thanks. It’s the Blue Yeti microphone. It’s interesting, I have about 4 tracks in the podcast and I can’t delete any of them so I have to mute them.

I’ll try your recommendations though. Thanks!

If you save an Audacity Project, it will know where all your tracks are and give them back when you open the Project.

Projects do not save UNDO, so select each valuable performance by clicking just above MUTE and File > Export Selected. You don’t have to delete any of the other tracks or MUTE them. The selection process will take care of that.

You may not have to make protection copies of the music and effects unless they’re “practicals.” That is, you created the sound yourself in front of a microphone (pounding a dinner plate because you like the sound). Then yes, you have to make protection copies of those, too.

Here’s the idea: Suppose Audacity melted down right this second and took your show with it. Do you have enough copies of your sounds to make another show without shooting or announcing it all again?


Oh yes it does happen.

“Audacity crashed and it’s the only copy of my interview. What am I going to do?”


Just so we don’t get too far away from the original problem, post a sample of the voice track that sounds funny. These are the long form instructions.


I have about 4 tracks in the podcast and I can’t delete any of them

So if Audacity crashed right now and sent all those tracks to the trash bin, you’d be in serious trouble?