Podcastin question. Runnin two tracks while recording. Hopping between the two


I’m running Audacity 2.3.2 on W10 and I’m starting a history podcast. Trouble is with recording.

So now I’m reading from word the manuscript and recording to Audacity. Problem is that I make a LOT of mistakes and I’d like to have option of running two stereo tracks. So that i start from track 1, read till i make a mistake, i could easily hop to track 2 and continue, until i f-up again. Audacity would record to only one of the tracks at a time. So the editing would be much easier. I know just by looking at the tracks, where my mistakes and retakes are. Would love if i could hop the tracks with just my mouse too! I’m bit short on desktop space and I’m covering the mic with pillows, so I can only reach my mouse while recording :smiley:

I’d like to have option of running two stereo tracks.

Not that I know of. Many people identify or tag errors and edits by clapping or making some other loud sound so the error can be easily be identified later by watching spikes in the blue waves. Repeat the last whole sentence when you make a mistake so the cover-up is easier to hide. It’s a common new-user error to start the correction on the error word and keep going. Those are almost impossible to make sound natural.

There’s a fuzzy rule that post production editing takes five times the length of the show. That’s if you make the normal number of mistakes and have moderate complexity. So yes, that is a nasty shock the first time you have to actually get down there and produce a polished, finished show.

I make a LOT of mistakes

There are people who read for hire. It doesn’t have to be you.