Podcast studio usb setup help!

Please can someone help?!I have set up the mixing console by placing all the leads in the correct sockets and having all the dials straight up.Currently I have a mic set up in the mic pre amp and headphones in the socket,I have white and red leads going from the cd/tape input sockets in to the input in the u-control. I have also placed the cd/tape output to the output on the u-control box.
I have also downloaded the drivers and the interface works when recording my voice,but I cant get the piano that I am playing off a website to record with it.
I can hear it in the headphones when I sing but when I playback it only records my voice?
Hope someone can help


Yes. That’s correct. Audacity will only record one “thing” at a time. Your PodCast device is one thing and internet audio is a different one. You can set up to record either one.

You did miss one complexity. Many people who do this also want to record both sides of a Skype conversation. That’s even harder.

We are flying blind with this because you didn’t tell us what kind of computer you had or who made the sound equipment. Model numbers are good. Sometimes we can find an elf who has the same equipment that you do and they can talk about it with you.


Oops sorry yes I have a toshiba windows vista model no is pslb8e06q007en
the model number on podcast studio usb is headphones hpm1000
mic xm8500
mixer xenyx 502
u-control uca200
Ok that makes sense on recording audio from web separately but any idea how?
thanks for your help :slight_smile:

<<<Ok that makes sense on recording audio from web separately but any idea how?>>>

That’s a fairly common request. Some of the newer computers make it difficult, but it’s a snap if yours has all the tools available. You have to trick the sound card into playing (the internet) and recording (to Audacity) at the same time.